I'm a versatile blogger

This is just a dream come true. I've been into blogging and have been reading blogs from past 6 months. Every blogger whom I followed was awarded with one or the other awards. I too wished to get one from my fellow bloggers. I feel honored to receive one such award from my consistent reader and my favorite blogger - Princess Pooja. Thank you so much Pooja, for felicitating me with this Award. You've defined me with a very nice tag - The Versatile Blogger.. :) :) Actually I got this award one month ago, on 9th of March :P But I was so busy with posting other stuff and exams that I forgot about it. Today when I was browsing through Pooja's blog, I read the post in which she had nominated me... :P So finally decided to dedicate an entry for it :D :D

So, here are the general rules for the Versatile Blogger Award -
  • Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers
  • Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  • Share 7 random things about yourself
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you (with blog link)
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post
7 Random things about me -
  1. Photography, a favorite hobby of mine. Though I've been stagnant now-a-days... will resume very soon! :D Till then you can check my snaps :D
  2. I know nothing, when it comes to dance :P ... But surely I'm a maestro at Rowdy Dance :P .. You know those people who dance during festivals? Yea, that kinda person I am! :P ... Garba during Navratri... I'm in love with it.. (it doesn't matter if I only know few steps) :D :P ... But then, Garba is in my blood.. a true Gujju, you see!
  3. I love travelling.. Travelling in the sense... exploring new places, their regional conditions, regional specialties,  the beauty there, the nature... Not travelling actually... Touring, one could say! :D ... I still remember my school day picnics and tours. Miss them a lot! :( .. Now, beach, canteen and malls ... are the only picnic spots. Life has become so boring ! :|
  4. Websites, they are the most amusing thing for me. Way back in 2009 I fell in love with HTML (HTML is Hypertext Markup Language which is generally used in making webpages. Although now, there have been discovered some other languages like PHP, xHTML, etc). Just a base knowledge was provided by my teachers. Later, after schooling I Googled about the stuff and learned my own way. I love designing websites and managing them... that very well depicts from my blog. As most people appreciated my blog design... which is all craved from a scrap.
  5. Addicted to Internet..! I won't mind if anyone deletes important conversations from my cellphone... I won't mind if anyone seizes my important papers and other stuff.... BUT, I will surely mind it when anyone deletes my Mozilla Firefox history... :P I'm to lazy to bookmark and note down my regular websites... Firefox History is the only thing I rely on... and if anyone messes with it, they are a dead meat! I've warned my dad itself to use Google Chrome... :P lol
  6. People tend to speak  the word 'Fuck'.. every sentence they start with or end with. My case, it's different! Obviously I use that word too... but more than that I'm fond of using this smiley - :P .. you must have already observed it in my writings .. ! :P (see, once again) ... and yeah, I'm also fond of using thousand dots ....... :P
  7. Cartoons! I love watching them... For me, TV is only meant for that (sometimes discovery too). People call me kiddish, but it doesn't matter to me! I still watch them and will always continue.. ! My favorite is Oggy and the Cockroaches, Shinchan and Doraemon... What's yours? :P

So done with 7 random things. Phew! :P
Now nominating and informing! The tough task... :O
So what is versatile? My mobile dictionary says that 'If you say that a person is versatile, you approve of them because they have many different skills' ... :D

Here are the 15 versatile bloggers whom I nominate (please don't go by the order) -

Apart from these, I also read these blogs -
And many more... But, I purposely didn't chose them.. coz they have already received this award once or twice :P

So finally ending the post.. So long it was! :O ... Please do read them.. I'm sure you'll like! I personally feel honored to felicitate them, coz they really do deserve it! :D .. Now, please allow me to inform them about this.. :D


  1. Congratulations on the versatile blogger award!! I have seen this on quite a few blogs and have always wondered how to get such awards.. :P thank you for nominating me..! :) I am honored already! :) I am a Kaaju.. I know it already so you don't have to informe me.. :p :D

    1. Thanks for wishes!
      Ummm... didn't actually get you! :O
      You were honored already matlab... You got this someone else already? :P :O
      And what's that thing Kaaju ?? :P please reply me.. I'm in complete confusion! :P :P lol

    2. I read your blog and am honored already totally flattered with all your comments.. No.. I never got the award before this.. I promise.. :P OK as per the blog you should inform the bloggers that you got the award right? I read your blog even before that so I said I am Kaaju.. Here we say if do something in advance even before being informed we call them Kaaju.. :| heheh I typed that comment in excitement.. so... heheh... :P

    3. btw, please disable word verification... :(

    4. haha... :P ty ty ! :P :D :D
      And I'm honored to be the first one to felicitate you! :D
      Kaaju! :P something new I heard of... lol.. coz here I haven't heard it from anyone yet.. :P So great, I got to know something new.. :P lol ... Ya I could understand... excitement ! :P :D ;)

      PS - Word verification.. :| I had disabled it, dunno who enabled it again.. *witch* :P :P Anyways, I have disabled it now! :D :P

      And Bingo! Kinara said the same thing... she also viewed this post before me informing her! :P lol xD :D

    5. hehehe that means your followers are faster than you..!! :D Coz we keep waiting for what you post next and you are an amazing photographer.. loved your photography..:)

    6. word verfication not available anymore.. take care the witch doesn't turn it on again.. :P

    7. hehe.. :P So, I need to be faster than my followers now! :P :D
      Thanks for appreciating my photography... :D ;)

      LoL.. :P Yea.. shhhh! *whispers*
      She is in control of me now! Don't worry! :P :P

    8. Yea Ankit I guess so... :P We are more impatient than you are... :P :D

  2. [ Hahah lol, I was just reading this post when you commented on one of mine about how I too got this award! ;) :P ]
    First of all, Congo :D
    Second , Thanks a lot for nominating me!:)
    It was fun knowing more about you :)
    I too know nothing about dance:P and shinchan is my fav ;)
    Phew, it was really long :P Just checking your snaps :D
    Thanks once again!
    Keep writing =)

    1. hahahha... what a coincidence ... :P
      You meant ki you were reading this post... when I was informing (commenting) on your blog? I guess..! :P :P
      Thanks for wishes! :D
      No probs, you really deserve it! :D
      Know more, stay intact with my blog! :D :P :P
      hi5 on dance .. :P lol
      and yea Shinchan, apna hi punter hai ! :P :P
      sowiee.. long post ! :P and yeah do check my snaps .. :D
      Will continue writing ... ;) :P :D

    2. Haha you guessed it correct!:P
      Lol I will stay intact with your blog, PAKKA! ;);)
      Heheh the way shinchan makes that aewww sound, superb!:D:D
      Checked out a few pics, would definitely comment later:D (exams screwing me:P)

    3. hahah... :D :D
      Shinchan .. ummm .. I like dat 'Toing' sound and when he blushes... :P :P :D
      I could understand.. exams ! :D ATB for them.. ;) :P :D

  3. Congrats ... and thanks for nominating me :)

    1. Thanks and yeah you deserve it too! :D

  4. Congratulations buddy, I guess it's your debut award so all I can say is "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".
    Best wishes for your future in blogging.
    Thanks for nominating me though I don't think I can write as good you people do...

    1. Thanks dude! :D And yea... "Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" :D
      No mahn! You're good at writing.. Don't underestimate yourself! :D You deserved it.. :) ;)

  5. Congrats :D :D.
    You deserve it ;) :D And you know it :D.
    Awesome RANDOM THINGS :P :D.
    Knew some of them before only :D.
    I'm so happy to know that I'm your favorite blogger :D.
    You are mine as well :D.
    You have a rare touch in all of your posts that I love :) :D.

    Great blogs you follow man :D. My list as well ;) :D.
    Hi-5 on it :D.

    Once again congrats :D.
    And yeah, extremely sorry that I had abandoned your blog :O :(. Bad of me. Won't do so again :D.

    1. TYSM Pooja! :D
      hahaha... Random Things... randomly indeed ! :P
      Hi5 on the blogs thing ! :D :D :P
      You aren't bad... :( You're nice! :D
      I forgive you for abandoning my blog... :P :P .. and I can understand.. you were busy with your broda's birthday.. ;) :D

  6. Ohh you have nominated me as a versatile blogger!!!! *Shooks head vigorously in disbelief* Back to normalcy!!

    Thanks for showering me with such an honour! Cherish your versatile blogger award and do keep posting such quality posts. All the best!!

    1. haha.. :P :P I did the same when I received it :P
      You deserved it ..! :D :D Cheers! and keep blogging.. ;) :D

  7. thanks a lot Ankit :)

    it was really nice to know about you and congrats on the award...it is a motivation :)

    1. You're welcome Sujatha jhi.. :D :D
      I'm glad, you liked something about me.. :P :P ;)

  8. Thanks Ankit, for the mention about my blog on your post. Glad that you liked it enough to make a mention. Congratulations on your award.

    1. You're blog is super-cool Asif... :D I love reading it... so I mentioned about it! :D :D ;)

      Thanks for dropping by here! :D

  9. Thanks Ankit and congratulations on your award .I like the idea and concept of versatile blogger.Keep posting specially such type of innovative approach.I read 7 things about you and i have lot of things to share with you on those 7 things .


    1. hahahha.... will be waiting for your post ! :D :D And congrats for your award too... ;) Keep visiting! :D

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